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 *Additional charge for international shipping

Our crate tags are made from 1/16” engravers plastic.

Most colors we offer are available in both Matte (smooth, low-sheen) finish and Textured (stippled surface) finish.

Standard sizes for crate tags are Large 2” x 6” and Small 1.5” x 4”.  We also have a 3” x 4” size available for other types of crate signs, such as the In Season sign shown on this page.

Please make sure you select the appropriate size tag, for your crate size and purpose.



Paw Prints optional, please specify if desired.

Available Colors

(Other colors available by special order.)

These colors are available in both Matte and Textured finish.

Colors may appear darker than actual color.

Please type your text EXACTLY as you wish it to be engraved. 

If you want the words in all capital letters, type them in CAPITAL letters. 
If you want the words in Upper and Lower case, type them in Upper and Lower case. 
The engraving for your item will be copied directly from what you type.

All lines of engraving on this item will be centered.

For Questions, Comments, or Special Instructions, email us at DoodleTags@DoodleTags.com .

Engraving lines are numbered from TOP to BOTTOM.

Colors (Surface / Text)
Mounting Hardware
Engraving Line 1
Engraving Line 2
Engraving Line 3

The "Add to Cart" button puts the item in your cart.  Be sure to enter your engraving instructions before adding to cart.

These colors are available in the Matte finish only.

The Gold is a Shiny Metallic finish


Hardware - "S" Hook, Quick Change Clip (Black or Chrome)